The SAHAN voluntary organization is an organic national and local charity organization that owns its founder Mr. Basheir Mohamed Jama and the board of director’s in gender/rights corroborated seven(7) persons academically qualified persons taken responsibility in a fair and equitable manner and  the board trustees from Somali land respective communities  private businesses /community leaders and Somaliland diaspora  who are five (5) persons. 

These boards raise  funds,  oversee  the day to date activities of its management executives  ,  approve its strategic and annual plans  in according to its policies and procedures set forth. 

The SAHAN voluntary organization also has  in placed all its  functional financial and human resources management policies  as per  the  needs of the international and the  local aid respective agencies whenever it deems necessary.


The organization involves to the environment, agriculture, formal and non-formal education ,  health ,human rights ,personel securities and empowerment with disability inclusive developments to  the poorest of the poor people and their families mainly from people with mentally disabilities and their dependents in collaborating with various community categories including businessmen, religious and community leaders, UN , INGOS, relevant civil society organizations, respective local authorities etc.   


The SAHAN voluntary organization collaborates with Hargiesa municipality , Hargiesa group

Hospital,  privately owned hospitals /mental health institutions , to the Ministry of health , to the Ministry of Justices ,to the Ministry of family affairs , to the Ministry of interior , to the  the police commissions and custodial corps as for information sharing, exchanging ideas  any necessary joint advocates and related relevant action plans of SAHAN voluntary organizations towards concerned people with disabilities.  


The SAHAN voluntary organization principally believes and operates on  equality, transparency, accountability  and all well-known best practices   specified in the convention of  rights people with disabilities  to their best interest primarily  for them and  their dependents and Somaliland society at large at all age and sex as well .