• Established community based rehabilitation center in functional state setup all its operating policies and procedures towards its components such as health, livelihood, social, education , empowerment and physical activity components.
  • Established internal and external functional relationships within /outside Somali land for joint  /mutual  planning , managing and monitoring and evaluating of all its activities at all levels with the government ,International communities as well civil society organizations  including Somaliland Diaspora.
  • Initially hosted started with eighty(80) persons of mentally ill victims  in a   privately owned rented building  located in Gacan Libaah district new Hargiesa neighborhood out of that forty nine (49) persons  of them are  now home based  caring patients where as the number of hosted  people with mentally disable are gradually increasingly.
  • And enforced to SAHAN to expand former small CBRC to outside of Hargiesa district Kood buur where now about another two hundred ninety seven (297) victims are now being giving CBRC services.
  • Eventually ninety seven(97) persons  out of them  have  been  recovered  and are now reintegrated into their  families and societies in healthiest condition that means, they are  physically and mentally fit persons  trained life skills but  are needing capacitating them.
  • Expanded the former new CBRC compound building  the one  in Koodbuur  district called Xeedho by reconstructed another new fully facilitated apartments consisting  20 new sleeping rooms within that  compound of SAHAN’s CBRC to respond to the continuously  increasingly needs  of mentally disabled people.
  • Established facilitated and equipped tailoring skills training center with in the CBRC as sub center provided professional marketable gainful income and employment generation tailoring skills to 6 proceeded batches of total are 12 persons/batch  in total 72  persons from those have already been mentally recovered but are needing  subsequent small capital injection to enable them standing on their feet’s.
  • Established facilitated professional electric installation skills training sub center with in the CBRC’s  compound trained 7 in series batches of each is 24 persons totally 168 persons that are now in the market as for self-employment but are needing subsequent income injection.
  • The Sahan’s CBRC has created jobs to above 15 middle aged women as houses , toilet cleaners , 15 men as CBRC security guards , 15 men and youth(male/female) as nurses psychiatrist, physiotherapist,  dentist, physicians, psychologists, orthopedics, 5 persons as tailoring ,electricity and literacy trainers/teachers and 10 persons as managers and administrator and many more than 100 persons that are participating to the  various construction oriented activities  to the total of  160-200 persons.