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Sahan LogoThe SAHAN Voluntary Organization is highly regarded respected local charity organization founded on May 2005-by Basheir Mohamed Jama a prominent and respectful member    from  Somaliland societies within and outside the country having with considerable qualification and experiences to provide subsequent fundamental human being needs (socioeconomic) to the most vulnerable marginalized poorest of the poor families and their dependents the people of concern mainly mentally handicapped people at all age and sex from all regions and outside Somaliland and provide them health  ,livelihood, social and individual empowerment  needs.

BashiirIn the health sector there are psychiatric centers which are the patients gets complete caring and curing, the centers is ready their beds, feeding, security and sanitation,  many doctors with different professional like psychiatric doctors, general physicians and specialist like eyes, TB and dentist and others, about 9 doctors’ visits in SAHAN Centers every week whose have a schedule to work, many patients of mentally-ill recovered in that center whose become the normal life, the patient comes from Somaliland other neighbor countries like Djibouti, Ethiopian ,Somalia and from Kenya ,The organization provides different vocational skills when the patients become good improvement or fitness to rehabilitate them. The Sahan Vocational Training Center (SVTC) gives the recovered patients with the following parts of education:

  • Electricity
  • Tailoring
  • Masonry
  • Islamic Studies
  • Literacy, Numeracy

In the skills sectors different students have completed many times and SAHAN helps to seek job opportunities with collaborating to their families, there are many students graduated these skills whose works on their skill gained in SAHAN centers and around and in search better future life.


The SAHAN voluntary organization is committed to improve the poor living standard of mentally disabled people at all ages for those living with in/out side  all Somaliland regions socially, physiologically and economically in collaboration with concerned community families and to the respective local authorities UN and INGO agencies.


To achieve above mentioned vision statement the SAHAN voluntary organization conducts continuously and persistently the felt needs assessments to the poorest of the poor mentally handicapped people of concern their families and their dependents and urgently responds with the help of primarily SAHAN members, community groups and respective local authorities within and outside Somaliland country.

It provides to the mentally handicapped people of concern for the followings:

  • Rehabilitation center is to give their minimum basic needs mainly physiological  
  • Psycho social and health counseling as well as health referrals to respective institutions
  • medical checkups prescriptions and treatments
  • Legal counseling and advocates
  • Income and employable generation
  • Literacy and numeracy to enable writing reading and calculations.
  • Necessary athletes for healthy and rigorousness
  • Medical exercises as for health fitness ’
  • Internal jobs creations and advocacy for external employers
  • Rests ,relaxes and leisure’s
  • Family and community re-integration.